Ying and yang relationship

Yin and Yang – Balance in Relationships – Towards Better Life

ying and yang relationship

Yin and Yang - Balance in Relationships - Complete and complement partner to live a happy life. Yin Yang is the ancient, Chinese symbol for balance. It depicts the strong attraction and complementary nature of opposites. Just as magnate and metal attract. The Yin-Yang symbol comes from Chinese Philosophy and is a symbol of balance, Conscious Relationship Advice for Singles and Dating.

A relationship will work when there is respect for the differences and when couples don't try to dominate each other, but instead embrace each other's style of relating. If they can admire each other's yin or yang qualities, they can then blend their approaches when making the decisions they have to make from day to day.

They will recognize their approaches as complementary, each adding to the other. The result will be harmony in the decision making process and in confronting relationship issues. The psychological task for both men and women is to become conscious that their partner's yin or yang traits are not as foreign as they might have thought.

Are You the Yin or the Yang in Your Relationship?

Their partner is a true reflection of their own inner masculine or feminine side. In the case of a woman, she holds the same intellect, drive, problem solving abilities and many of the other masculine qualities of her mate. It is only that she has not yet actualized them, drawn them out of hibernation and begun to use them consistently to balance her emotional side.

Daily she receives impressions of her own maleness in the relationship mirror. Through the reflection of her mate, she can assimilate and integrate some of his positive traits, recognizing them as her own. Conversely, a man needs to cultivate his intuition and emotional side.

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If he can value the reflection of emotional intelligence in his mate, he will become more comfortable with his own emotions and learn to trust his intuition more. In each individual, the balance between masculine and feminine intelligences is a dance of unity.

ying and yang relationship

To conceptualize the masculine and feminine working in balance, imagine an artist before his canvas. With his feminine intelligence, he looks inward for the subject of his painting. Tapping into the imagery of his subconscious, he brings the subject into definition. He then applies what he knows technically to bring the object of his vision into form.

He may analyze elements of light and dark to give the painting depth and illumination. He will rely on his masculine intelligence to choose the right brush, colors and strokes to create the effect he wants. From beginning to end, the work of art will be created through the intertwined harmonies of two unique intelligences, and the finished painting will reflect this union. Moving from intuition to reason, feeling to impression and then into form, the finished painting is visionary art created through a balanced intelligence.

We usually imagine male intelligence leading this dance of balance while the feminine follows. Throughout time, couples have playfully teased each other with sentiments such as these. A strong parallel exists between the Yin and Yang philosophy and between romantic love and relationships.

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Both concepts are comprised of differing parts that blend together to form a larger, unified whole. The opposing male and female genders are relative to each other, cannot exist without each other, and portray interchangeable qualities. The maintenance of balance and harmony are critical to preserving healthy equilibrium among forces and elements in the universe, similar to the equality and stability necessary for synchronization in relationships.

The Taijitu, or Yin Yang symbol, depicts a small piece of opposing forces within itself, which is also true of relationships. It is commonly believed that the unconscious and subconscious mind leads individuals to a specific type of partner, who is theorized to fulfill the missing pieces within them.

The Taijitu perfectly depicts this notion, as each force contains a small seed of its opposing force. Similar to Yin and Yang, relationships are fluid and ever changing.

Both forces and partners need to continuously transform together to preserve the unified whole. Growth and change need to be done simultaneously in relationships and are mirrored within Yin and Yang.

If equality, balance, and harmony are not achieved, a relationship is destined to fall apartas one force becomes dominant over the other.

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An excess or shortage of a quality or action defies balance in a relationship, such as too much self-centeredness, or not enough compassion and understanding. Humans are flawed, but can be strengthened and enhanced when joined together. How Are Yin and Yang Expressed In Relationships All individuals have facets of Yin and Yang energy intertwined with their personalities and Taoism believes that the happiest are those who can successfully navigate and learn from Yin and Yang theory.

Some aspects of Yin and Yang are exhibited more strongly within certain individuals than in others. Chinese philosophy believes that the universe will ultimately balance out positive and negative forces, while individuals simultaneously strive for balance within themselves. A partner dominant in the Yin facet would portray qualities of intuition, emotion, calmness, and composure, while a Yang dominant partner would depict characteristics of courage, adventure, determination, and ambition.

In a relationship, the Yin dominant partner would express themselves primarily through open communication and would not be afraid to show their emotions. Verbal communication would not be as comfortable to a Yang partner, who would be more likely to depict their feelings in actions and goal directed endeavors.

ying and yang relationship

The Yin dominant partner would portray a sense of intuition, calmness, and peace, while the Yang dominant partner would exude fury, extraversion, boldness, and dominance.

The Yin dominant partner would represent purity, while the Yang dominant partner would portray excitement and adventure. Once an individual can identify whether they are more Yin dominant or Yang dominant, they can effectively evaluate compatibility with their partners and the balance within their relationships.

A lack of balance signifies difficulty and the potential demise of a relationship.

ying and yang relationship

Two Yang dominant individuals would likely have difficulties communicating from the heart. They would act without thinking, lacking the introspection and patience to fully assess situations.

They would have difficulty to acquiesce or step down from a challenge, as neither would want to lose. Ultimately, they would constantly compete for dominance within the relationship, thus fostering an environment of conflict and fury.

Excessive Yang energy results in rigidity and a dictatorial environment. Contrarily, two Yin dominant individuals would talk, assess, and consider, without ever being able to firmly take action.

This intuitive feeling goes beyond physical attraction. In reality, what we are responding to is the natural chemistry, or lack there of, between temperament styles. Understanding temperament styles will not only have a positive impact on the way you see yourself, but it will also enhance your relationship with others. If you are single, it will provide you insight into selecting a compatible partner.

If you are a parent, it can dramatically improve the way you raise your children.

Yin Yang Relationships - How to Find YOUR Perfect Partner

If you are a salesperson, this information will significantly enhance your sales effectiveness by enabling you to build trust and rapport quickly. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, is credited with originating the basic theory of four temperament styles. He concluded that our behavior style was determined genetically at birth rather than from external influences such as astrology or birth order. Hippocrates identified the physiology of each of the four temperament styles and concluded that we are born with a combination of four genetic influences: According to Hippocrates, the extroverted Choleric Worker was short-tempered and ill natured, but had a dynamic desire for action!

The extroverted Sanguine Talker was cheerful, outgoing and optimistic, but not very serious or organized.